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Contraption C

Site Specific Installation, Performance, made from found objects within the space, CCTV, Film, 2013




The work was develop in response to the old Co Operative building in Manchester and also develop alongside the ongoing series of works entitled 'Conquering Clouds'

Puzzlement captures the eyes as to what the functional of this machine actually does or even if it is a machine at all. Some believe that it could be early rudimentary experiments for developments of aircraft, a boat, maybe even both. What ever they are, it’s clear that the machine was built to move, to escape a location. We are not entirely sure how this machine or contraption has got into the space, but we do know that it now appears to be apart of the building, it has developed its own history within the fabric of the walls that contain it. 

Speculations have also been made that someone has been hiding the Contraption due to the dark histories and the stories that surround the machine. It’s even been suggested that someone has tried to get the machine to function again.

Contraption C appears to have the mechanics and characteristics that could explain how it got here or how it could even leave.  One thing is for certain; the machine was built for a specific purpose. The exact purpose still remains questionable. Was it built for a specific task in mind? Was it built to test new boundaries or was it built for an adventure beyond its current capture?




Photos by Stephen Iles and detail by Mark Devereux