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Peace Be To This House / Pax Huic Domui

Performance/Site Specific, Durational performance for 3 days

Commissioned by Derbyshire Open

This work was commissioned by Derbyshire Open Studios (June 2012), as part of the Open Spaces Programme. The Work was housed at Hartington Youth Hostel.

The work was a performance as well as a site-specific work

The work explored the artist living in a fragmented tree house, for duration of three days. 

The work is inspired by the surrounding landscape and the natural environment as well as looking at the contrasts and conflicts of human influences on the landscape. Here the artist is exploring the notions of the urban environment colliding with the natural one, in this case a home and a tree. It brings together the tensions and the struggles of these opposing worlds.  The work also explores childhood memories of tree house's but also questions the value and security of a home. 

The work also looks at freedom, peacefulness, solitude, entrapment, coldness, sadness and the want of companionship.

Here is a short documentary video exploring three days spent in the treehouse.