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Shadows on the Sun, 2011

Performance,Film, Drawing, Installion,

Part of AirSpace Studio show, Kiss Me Quick, Margate


I will be attempting to record and document the sun from Margate’s beach by replicating 17th century apparatus that would of been used to record sun spots. 


The work explores the relationship between nature and man-made structures. Attempting to capture Margate’s landscape through a series of drawings, photographs and film.  The work explores the struggle of coping with change, weather this is over a period of time or by intervention.


The sun spotter is set against the present context and space, giving the work a romantic and poetic feel, but also revealing its own history and our desires, ambitions and need. The piece was developed by looking at the history of Margate. Particular references are made to Turner, and Margate’s Victorian History, that is seen within its architecture of the town.

The work is been made for an exhibition entitled Kiss Me Quick at the Harbour Arm Gallery in Margate

The Machine will later be based on Jodrell Bank, placing the work between the past and present. 

1st July - 4th July 2011 and 1st July - 4th July 2014